110 Million Years Old Dinosaur’s Last Meal, Found Perfectly Preserved

It’s been just revealed that the very last meal of a massive armor-plated dinosaur has been found about 110 million years later – this was found in its fossilized belly in northern Alberta.

The nodosaur has 1,300 kg was first described back in 2017 and it’s been found back in 2011 – it’s said to contain the best-preserved dinosaur stomach that’s been found until now.

After five years of intense work, exposing the dinosaur within the marine rock, the mass in its umm,y which was about a soccer ball has shocked experts showing them what the plant-eating dino had for lunch all these millennia ago.

“When people see this stunning fossil and are told that we know what its last meal was because its stomach was so well preserved inside the skeleton, it will almost bring the beast back to life for them, providing a glimpse of how the animal actually carried out its daily activities, where it lived, and what its preferred food was,” according to geologist Jim Basinger from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, as cited by Science Alert.

Some might remember the dinosaurs mentioned above from the cameo in the animated Land Before Time as the online publication mentioned above notes.

What was in the dinosaur’s belly 

Experts described what they found in the dino’s belly:

“When we examined thin sections of the stomach contents under a microscope, we were shocked to see beautifully preserved and concentrated plant material,” according to biologist David Greenwood from Brandon University in Canada.

He continued and explained that “In marine rocks we almost never see such superb preservation of leaves, including the microscopic, spore-producing sporangia of ferns.”

We recommend that you check out the complete study published in the Royal Society Open Science in order to learn the details.

Also, you should check out some interesting details about the dinosaurs’ mass extinction that we addressed not too long ago, according to some new reports.

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