66 Million-Year Old Bizarre Mammal Species Was Just Discovered

It’s been just revealed that for millions of years, there was a badger-like creature that used to wander the forests and plains of prehistoric Madagascar, while avoiding the predatory glare of huge crocodiles and snakes before it died in the mass extinction along with the dinosaurs when the asteroid hit our planet.

For millions of years, no one knew about the existence of this creature until an international team of researchers that’s been led by a Denver paleontologist dug up the bizarre bones of this critter.

The discovery of the creature was announced this Tuesday and this is a vital clue for experts that are researching the way in which animals evolved on islands, according to David Krause, senior curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The team named the creature Adalatherium – it’s interesting to note the fact that the word is a combination of the words “crazy beast” in two languages.

It’s been also revealed that the skeleton that they found is the largest and most complete mammal skeleton that’s been ever found from that time period in the location (the southern hemisphere).

There are other mammalian remains that have been only fragments that belonged to animals, which were the size of a mouse.

An important piece in the puzzle of mammalian evolution 

“Adalatherium is just one piece, but an important piece, in a very large puzzle on early mammalian evolution in the southern hemisphere,” Krause stated.

“Unfortunately, most of the pieces are still missing.”

It’s been also revealed that the creature walked or wobbled among the dinosaurs and it probably died due to the massive asteroid that hit our planet back then.

According to official notes, Adalatherium was about 20 inches long, and it weighed about 7 pounds. The creature was similar to a badger, according to experts.

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