A Coral Garden Can Show Us Our Future in Terms of Climate Change

The most famous coral from Australia can be found on the Pacific coast. The Great Barrier Reef is excellent, and we cannot but wonder how climate change can impact all the reefs around the world.

There is one reef hidden in the Southern Ocean off Australia’s south coast, which can help us to better understand climate change and the ocean itself. Up until now, it has been completely unexplored.

In a month, a team of researchers has searched the deep-sea canyons from Australia’s southern continental shelf. They found delicate corals in waters that can reach 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit), placed in the walls of the canyon.

They used an ROV to get samples from corals

Researchers sent down an ROV in order to collect samples and corals, both living and fossils while capturing 4K video from the depth of the sea. Researchers were right to believe that the ecosystems were sitting at the bottom of the sea. Julie Trotter, from the University of Western Australia, stated that  “It could [have] been just a fizzle.”

The ecosystems could collapse in a few decades

From this trip, they got enough coral samples, which could help Trotter to better understand the ocean and the waters from it. The team has also found a coral graveyard, and much-fossilized coral from thousands of years back, to the Last Glacial Maximum – that’s when ice covered the Northern Hemisphere. What happens then is what interests researchers in particular, because it can help us see more about climate change. This is how we know what we should expect from the future. In those the coral samples, there are many clues about what awaits us.

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