A Cosmic Event to Remember: Pleiades Met Venus

When was the last time you looked at the stars? How much do you know about the celestial bodies that adorn the night sky? Living in isolation might be the proper time to find joy in gazing at the stars. The sky at this beginning of April offered you one of the most glorious chances: the Pleiades meet Venus. They approached since April 1st, but the conjunction reached its astronomical dimension on April 3rd, starting at 5.30 pm UTC.

If the skies are clear, you can still see the event with the naked eye. Binoculars, as well as telescopes, will give you an even intense experience. The Virtual Telescope Project in Italy has broadcasted live the event, and it was also available for free on Youtube. So, if your balcony isn’t on the right side of the sky, you can watch the show from your armchair.

The Pleiades Met Venus in the Sky, in a Superb Cosmic Event

The Pleiades are also called the Seven Sisters, although they are more than 1,000 in that open star cluster. Located in the Taurus constellation, it is one of the most apparent night-sky objects to the naked eye. They are hot blue stars that started to form 100 million years ago at about 445 light-years from Earth. For its part, Venus is the night sky’s third most bright object. Only the Sun and the Moon are more shining than Venus.

The Pleiades and Venus last saw each other eight years ago. So, this might be a very touchy encounter. Keep the tissues close by, and you know hoe emotional girls can get.

Even experienced astronomers, accustomed to such events can become sentimental. Astrophysicist Gianluca Masi, head of the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy, called the encounter nothing less than a “cosmic hug” and a superb show.

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