A Few Tips to Help You Avoid Stress Eating While Isolated at Home

​Considering the state of affairs the world is encountering at the moment, practicing social distancing during this time can create a rather dangerous effect: stress eating.

It may be alluring to release anxiety by eating your favorite comfort foods, but emotional eating can have an incredibly negative effect on both physic and mental states, as per experts from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Joyce Corsica, director of outpatient psychotherapy and bariatric psychology at Rush, and psychologist Mackenzie Kelly has put together a series of tips that can help you avoid the bad eating habits.

Create a schedule and stick to it

This will help you from heading to the kitchen for an unnecessary snack.

“Include chunks of time for work, relaxation/exercise, eating, and communication with others,” Corsica proposed. “If you have an outline planned, you are less likely to feel like the day is a big empty space, which can make you feel rudderless and may lead to overeating.”​

Eat healthy meals

Kelly explained that planning meals and snacks at the start of the day is the best approach in such situations.

“If you wait until you’re hungry to decide what you’re going to eat, you may end up eating more or choosing something higher in calories than if you had planned your meal and snacks in advance,” she said.

As always, processed foods may seem convenient, but they are not healthy. Choose healthy alternatives rather than easy to overheat and junk food.

Avoid cravings

When you’re bored, it is easy to indulge in food, so keep yourself busy.

“If you feel stuck, bored, lost, or frustrated, try to understand and label the feeling and then decide what you can do about it,” Corsica recommended. “That might be finding a smaller task to work on, changing tasks entirely, taking a break, or checking in with a colleague.”​

Keep tasks individual

Don’t use your bedroom to eat, but designate one place in your home as the dining room, and try to keep the work and relaxation places separate from where you eat, Kelly advised.

Find methods to manage stress

Stay connected with your friends and family, clean out a closet or drawer, stream a home exercise class, or any healthy way to help decrease stress.

We’re sure there are numerous other ways to keep yourself busy while isolating at home, and we all have certain habits we need to break. Still, try to follow these recommendations in order to stay healthy and productive.​

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