A Key Change Could Improve the Future of our Planet

Countless studies argue that the future of our planet is at stake as we pushed the environment before the limits of sustainability.

In the last decades, increased temperatures have been tied to dangerous weather events, among which we can count incredibly long droughts and a record number of wildfires.  Pollution on land and in water has already led to the destruction of several land and marine ecosystems. The consequences will be dire and more need to be done to prevent further damage, but many governments continue to pay more attention to the economy instead of taking large-scale actions.

A new documented elaborated by for an upcoming UN report argues that drastic changes have to be taken in the case of the current economic system. Many of the economic models which are currently in use disregard the costs of material and energy used for industrial processes. To sustain this model, more resources are needed over time, exposing the environment to a lot of stress.  While endless economic growth is the dream of most companies and governments the concept is not sustainable in the long run.

The document has been elaborated by a team of researchers from several environmental fields along with business, economics, and philosophy researchers. Within the paper, it is also mentioned that the current economic models will also increase the gaps between the rich and poor people in the long run.

As expected, the need to overhaul popular economic models is quite controversial, and many opposing parties argue that the real goal is to decrease the performance of countries that are deemed to be too competitive. Some leaders openly deny climate change and laws related to the welfare of wildlife, and countering climate change has a lower priority in comparison to other aspects.

It remains to be seen if the proposal will make an impact in the long run, but for now, it is an important step in the right direction.

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