A Mysterious Comet Will Have a Close Encounter with Our Planet Soon

Astronomer Dr. Michel Drahus talked about the discovery of a mysterious object, which is actually a rare interstellar comet. He said that they noticed the familiar coma and the tail, which are not seen around ‘Oumuamua.'” Back in 2017, the comet that was named Oumamua met our solar system. Dr. Drahus then added that it’s actually a very cool thing because it means that the comet is an interstellar, never-seen-before one.

The famous comet named 21/Borisov was given the name after the scientist who discovered it. It will come near Earth, at 177,000 miles, which is known to be a “close approach”. Researchers from Poland analyzed the orbit of the comet, and they found that it is not part of our solar system. They found it back in September.

Piotr Guzik and Michel Drahus from the Jagiellonian University found the comet by making the most out of data codes. It was first discovered by Gennadiy Borisov on the 30th of August.

Dr. Guzik stated that this code was written explicitly with this purpose in mind, and they really hope to get the message one day. If we are to take a look at the first characteristics, this mysterious object seems to be different from the original Solar System comets. Apparently, the comet is still coming from the glare of the Sun, and it is still growing in brightness. The comet will be observable for months.

It is safe to say that by doing research on this comet, we will get a lot of insight, and it will represent an essential step in astronomy.

The comet was named “2I/Borisov” by IAU – the International Astronomical Union, but researchers refer to it as “Comet Borisov.” It received the “2l”, where l stands for interstellar.

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