A NASA probe joins a project which searches for alien life

NASA has launched a new mission that aims to explore space in an attempt to track down intelligent aliens.

The Transiting Exoplanet  Survey Satellite and the Breakthrough Listen project will combine their forces according to a recent announcement.  According to a Breakthrough Project representative, the collaboration between the TESS team and the Breakthrough Listen team will improve the ability to search for relevant planets that could host life.

TESS is an advanced space telescope that was launched in 2018 as a part of the Explorer program. By using the transit method it can scan the sky for exoplanets while covering a target area, which is up to 400 times bigger in comparison to the Kepler mission.

It is estimated that TESS will find more than 20,000 exoplanets during the first two years of the primary mission, an aim which is considerably high if we take into account that approximately 3,800 exoplanets were known before it was launched.

A complex array of wide-field cameras can survey approximately 85% of the sky, allowing researchers to observe the mass, size, density, and other traits of small planets, including rocky ones that are present in the habitable zones of their host stars.

Breakthrough Listen is a large-scale scientific program that aims to survey 1,000,000 million stars that are closest to Earth. It is advanced tools to scan the center of the galaxy and the galactic plane while also looking for potential messages which could come from nearby galaxies.

Instruments used by the experts are up to 50 times more sensitive in comparison to other scientific tools that are available at this point. They can cover a larger section of the radio spectrum at a substantially faster rate.

According to current data, TESS has observed more than 1,000 objects of interest, and 29 are alien planets. More data will be uncovered in the future and there a chance to make a major discovery.

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