A Revolutionary Way To Fight Viruses Is Discovered – It Involves Llama Blood And Molecular Super Glue

For over 20 years, experts have been working really hard to engineer antibodies into all sorts of new treatments for viral and bacterial infections. Now, there’s a team of experts that came up with a brand new approach.

This involves fastening together tiny antibodies from llama blood with a type of bacterial super glue. The interconnected antibodies are protecting mice from various dangerous viruses, and they could also subdue some other pathogens as well.

Science Mag reported that this brand new and exciting work was able to suppress various difficulties that were hitting the previous attempts to do the same thing.

The technology is useful to fight cancer and autoimmune diseases 

Jennifer Maynard of the University of Texas, Austin said that “I think this will be a very general technology that will be useful for infectious diseases and for cancer.”

Antibodies have the ability to treat all kinds of illnesses that include cancer and autoimmune diseases as well.

Engineered antibodies have been already approved as therapies for various infections, but the ability to produce functioning antibodies is something really hard for various reasons.

“Genetically altering cells to make the antibodies can be tricky, and the engineered molecules may not fold into the right shape to perform their task,” Science Mag explains.

More than that it’s been reported that “A potential alternative is the miniature antibodies pumped out by the immune cells of llamas, camels, and sharks, which are about half the size of standard antibodies.”

These are faster and cheaper to make compared to the larger ones and they also don’t misfold, according to the reports coming fro the same website.

We recommend that you check out the paper and the original article on the website in order to learn more about how experts tested the superglued antibodies in mice who received lethal doses of viruses.

Overall, the approach gives new opportunities for fighting viral and bacterial infections.

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