A Strange Black Hole Acts In Unexpected Ways

It’s been revealed that for decades now, experts have suspected that some of the light that’s escaping from around enormous black holes almost does not make it and now they have finally seen this happening.

This has been revealed by the experts who conducted a brand new analysis of some older observations of a black hole that was feeding a sunlike star.

Experts focused on measurements of the black hole’s disk where the light that escapes from the black hole is shining.

According to the latest info coming from Space.com, “Specifically, the scientists teased apart, on the one hand, light that was coming directly from the disk, and on the other, light that failed to escape the disk and got pulled back toward the black hole before being reflected out into space.”

“We observed light coming from very close to the black hole that is trying to escape, but instead is pulled right back by the black hole like a boomerang,” according to Riley Connors, lead author of the new research.

Connors continued and said that “This is something that was predicted in the 1970s, but hadn’t been shown until now.”

The research related on info collected by NASA’s Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer 

The team was relying on some useful observations that have been collected by NASA’s Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer, which notices black holes and neutron stars.

The spacecraft was launched back in 1995 and took the last data back in 2012.

Experts used observations that have been taken during some outbursts that the black hole and its sunlike star have experienced between 1998 and 2000.

The data suggested that some of the X-ray light that has been observed at the time was not directly escaping from the black hole, but it dodged it by reflecting off the light in the accretion disk that’s pulled towards the black hole.

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