Alien Hunting Experts Explained That We’re Not Alone In A Recent Study

Alien hunting experts have stated that it very likely that we’re not alone at all in the Universe, as previously believed. Scientists have been questioned such a thing for many centuries. So far, they discovered no definitive evidence.

The utter dimension of the Universe indicates that life is bound to exist elsewhere, but all of our appeals have so far gone unnoticed. However, such beliefs or theories might finally reach a bit of light, as experts suggest new ideas.

Alien Life Could Be Possible After All

A team of researchers from Breakthrough Listen has recently discussed their belief in extraterrestrial life. Breakthrough Listen is a unique organization that performs scans on stars and hopes maybe there is something out there, such as alien signals.

Lee Spitler is an astronomer at the Macquarie University and released a statement about his thought on extraterrestrial life and the fact that we’re not alone in the Universe. Also, a scientist from Breakthrough Listen, Danny Price, is very confident that soon “something” will be detected, even if it will take a while. As he explained, their work should not cease under no circumstances.

Aliens Among Us?

There are, however, some scientific equations worth the researchers’ time. The equations can determine the possibility of where we are or not alone in the Universe. One of the equations is the Drake Equation by scientist Frank Drake. He came up with such discovery back in 1961 about the chances and variables of an extraterrestrial civilization.

Drake’s equation considered lots of factors such as the number of planets/solar systems, and the rate of development of stars suitable for the creation of life. One most likely solution to the equation involves that extraterrestrial life did exist and has encountered a process of extinction.

But, the solution the scientists argue most is that once a civilization reaches a particular dimension, it eventually destroys itself, either through natural disaster or war, by using advanced weaponry.

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