Aliens Are Here: Alleged UFO Fleet Spotted Over The Arizona Desert

People need magic in their lives. It’s a propensity that can only be defeated by reason. And there is still not enough reason when it comes to the big question of how did we get here? If there is no reason, then magic can become the reason. And magic can shape into many forms. The self-proclaimed UFO expert is also a category of magic believers.

Footage of unknown activity in the US airspace on January 22, 2020, led this category of people to presume that no less then a UFO fleet has visited Earth, so aliens are here. Six luminous objects hovered over the Arizona desert and went out one by one.

UFO believer Scott Waring stated on his site: “I’m calling it a UFO fleet. UFOs such as these have been seen around the world from Taipei city to Rapid City, while similar sightings have occurred in South Dakota.” Right!

The logical explanation for the alleged UFO fleet

Scott Waring is conflicted, though, and he still needs to be considered a rational human being and admitted that it could be something else. Something like military flying and dropping flares from Marine Core Air Station in Yuma, Arizona. But he knows a lot about those too.

It’s too little to accept that there is so much that he doesn’t know about something like Marine Core Air Station’s means and techniques. He knows that foggy weather is not the weather to fly and drop flares. And he also knows that flares are most often dropped in lines, not in triangle formation like those caught on the footage.

It’s the next logical thing to believe that what is different must come from an alien form of life. Carl Gustav Jung is right. Until the soul isn’t manufactured in a tube, humans will have the liberty and righteousness to believe in anything that eases that propensity for magic.

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