Amazing Discovery Can Kill Cancer Cells

It’s been just reported that there’s a new discovery of an innovative immune cell receptor that could pave the way for a new type of T-cell cancer therapy.

This could be able to fight a large palette of cancers in human patients without having to use personalized treatment as well.

The experts who made this massive discovery are highlighting that testing is still at a really early stage, but it’s extremely promising.

The tests have been only conducted in mice and human cells in the laboratory, and they haven’t been tested yet on living humans.

On the other hand, the great news is that the preliminary results are really promising, and they suggest that we could be on the verge of an essential advancement in T-cell therapies.

T-cell therapies are part of an emerging field of treatment in oncology at the moment.

Just to refresh your memory, T-cells are a type of white blood cells that are involved in the function of the immune system. When they are activated by coming into contact with defective or foreign cells, they will attack these – they basically help us fight infection and illness.

Fighting cancerous cells 

Science Alert noted that in T-cell therapy, the most popular form is called CAR-T. Experts are using this natural function of T-cells to make them fight tumor cells.

The preliminary experiments that have been made in the lab turned out to be promising, but we need to be aware of the results that need to be replicated safely in clinical trials.

Experts said that cancer-targeting via this new way is something extremely exciting, but there’s definitely more research needed.

“Cancer-targeting via MR1-restricted T-cells is an exciting new frontier,” says senior researcher and cancer immunotherapy specialist Andrew Sewell.

Check out more details in the findings that are reported in Nature Immunology.

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