Ancient Fossil of a Squid Ancestor Was Found With Prey In Its Jaws

A team of researchers has determined the age of the most ancient fossil of a squid ancestor. The creature seemed to attack its prey. The fossil is approximately 200 million years old, and it was located on the Jurassic Coast region of the UK.

The fossil was recovered in the 19th century, and it is stored at the British Geological Survey in Nottingham. Some researchers wanted to learn more about it and decided to conduct an analysis that offered exciting results. The squid-like creature, which has been classified as Clarkeiteuthis Montefiorei, fossilized with a herring ancestor in its jaws.

According to the researchers, the interesting position of the arms, which are placed alongside the body of the fish, suggests that the fossil was the result of a paleobiological event. The event may have taken place during the Sinemurian period, predating any fossils that were uncovered in the past by more than 10 million years.

About the ancient fossil of the mysterious predator squid ancestor

The area from which the sample was recovered has been famous for the large number of fossils that have been found there. Many mudstones have offered specimens which have a significant palaeobiological value, with an accent of those who have arms and hooks that could be used to capture prey.

This particular ancient fossil is deemed to be more important than others since its one of the few who feature an active predation event, which tends to be quite rare. A violent attack that was initiated by the squid-like predator seems to have caused the death and the preservation of the two creatures. The analysis of the fossils has also revealed that the attacker crushed the skull of the fish.

Two theories may explain the death of both creatures. One of them argues that the prey was too large and became stuck in the jaws of the predator. It is also possible that the squid ancestor attempted to take the prey lower, but there wasn’t enough oxygen at the lower depth, and it suffocated.

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