Ancient Galaxies Consume Their Neighbors Over Time

Ancient Galaxies

The use of advanced tools allows astronomers to peer into the void and study an assortment of interesting objects, including ancient galaxies. In some cases, unusual traits or features will be observed, prompting additional research that can take a significant amount of time but also offer valuable insight.

A team of researchers decided to explore a trait which is encountered quite often among ancient galaxies, which seem to look quite messy from afar. The movements which take place inside them also appear to be unpredictable. It is now believed that there is a proper explanation for both queries.

With the help of complex computer simulations, researchers have learned that more data about a fascinating possibility. As they continued to grow, the galaxies consumed everything that could be found around them. In older galaxies, the movement of some stars is chaotic because many of them have been acquired from an external source, including smaller galaxies that were nearby.

Ancient Galaxies Merged With Their Neighbors

This new theory is reinforced by the fact that in the case of newer galaxies are considerably more orderly since they did not have enough time to acquire an amount of material that would cause the same issues which can be found among the older ones.

In plain terms, as hundreds of millions of years passed, the older galaxies have consumed too much material have become fat. Eventually, many ancient galaxies will undergo this stage as they continue to expand their reach and become bigger.

By understanding more about galaxies, scientists can anticipate the way in which the Milky Way, our own galaxy, will evolve in the future and some of the events that might take place. For example, it is already known that at some point, after several billion years will pass, the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies will collide to form a single large galaxy.

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