Antarctica Houses The Deepest Point On Land

The deepest point on continental Earth has been discovered in East Antarctica, below the Denman Glacier. The information was released by BBC reports. The found ice-filled canyon has approximately 3.5 kilometers under the sea level.

Deepest Point on Land Discovered in Antarctica

According to researchers, only in the ocean exist valleys at the deepest level. The finding is published in the latest map of Antarctica. It also displays the form of the bedrock below the ice layer in never seen before detail. Its features, however, reveals the fact that it will be critical to our perception of how the polar south could shift in the future.

Also, for comparison, the lowest uncovered surface on Earth, at the Dead Sea edge, is measuring 413 meters under sea level. The discovery indicates, for example, previously never seen edges that will obstruct the retreat of melting glaciers in a warming environment. Also, it shows an amount of smooth, falling areas that could speed up withdrawals.

Climate Change and Antarctica

Antarctica has suffered air temperature rises of 3 Celsius in the Antarctic Peninsula. Even if such detail might not be very significant, it is indeed almost 5 times the mean level of global warming, according to the Intergovernmental Panel.

Over the past 50 years, the west land of the Antarctic Peninsula has been one of the most quickly warming lands of Earth. Such a fact is not only limited to the land but can also be found in the Southern Ocean. Higher ocean temperatures to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula have raised almost 1 Celsius since 1955.

Currently, it has been launched that the Antarctic Circumpolar Current is warming more quickly than the global ocean as a whole. Analyzing climate change in Antarctica is significant because it supports researchers to forecast more precisely future climate change.

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