Antarctica Looks Like It’s Bleeding Due To Odd Red Snow

A recent discovery on the Antarctic territory caught scientists’ attention, as snow turned red like it was combined with some food coloring or something like that. As odd as it might seem, the event was captured on images from an Argentine island in Antarctica, proving to be one of the most bizarre occurrences so far.

The photos, revealing watermelon-colored snow, were unveiled by Ukraine’s Ministry of Science and Education. How such a thing happens, and which could be the factors? Well, there are many opinions and beliefs, but one thing can be sure. The Antarctic territory suffers too much, and the results could bring unexpected catastrophes.

Antarctica’s Red Snow Explained

According to recent research, the bright photosynthetic algae – which can appear at shallow temperature – can be found in snowfields wordlwide. Such a fact might turn the strange phenomenon from Antarctica less bizarre than we thought it could be. Also, the warmer weather during the Antarctic summer urges the spores to grow, letting the algae to thrive and create those odd bits of reddish “watermelon snow,” as Daily Mail stated.

Moreover, the snow leads to climate change because of the color red displays weaker sunlight and a quicker process of melting.

“As a result, more and more bright algae are formed in the snow,” reported the Ukrainian scientists.
The red-snow algae, scientifically recognized as Chlorophyceae, are a type of unicellular algae and red-pigmented that resurface seasonally on the ground of melting snow globally.

The algae can photosynthetically develop organic matter, which can decrease the snow’s albedo and raise the melting speed, and thus they influence the cryospheric areas. Many kinds of research tried to find out the geographic distribution manner of the red-snow algae-based only on the molecular data. Recent examinations, however, seem to shed some light on the case, but scientists still need time to comprehend the happening fully.

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