Archaeological Discovery Might Prove Abraham Was Real

Archaeological proof has emerged that might prove the Biblical patriarch Abraham was a real person. A Bible expert backs up the theory and evidence.

Very Important Historical Figure

Christianity and Islam, two of the world’s most widespread religions, trace their roots back to Abraham, the Jewish faith’s patriarch.

The Bible says that Abraham was a nomad from the Middle East who struck a covenant with God that led to Israel’s birth during the Bronze Age.

The event is depicted both by the Bible’s Old Testament and Islam.

Abraham is known as Ibrahim, and his first son, Ishmael, or Imai’il, is believed to be the father of the Arabic people.

Therefore, Abraham is a vital link in the world’s history.

The Evidence

Abraham is believed to have lived during the age of patriarchs, which some estimate corresponds to the Bronze Age, approximately during the second millennium BC.

John Van Seters, a Canadian scholar, argued in his 1975 book Abraham in History and Tradition that the Biblical patriarchs must have lived through the Iron Age due to their names and messages.

Tom Meter, a professor of Bible Studies at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School from California, US, said that archaeological evidence might be linked straight to one of the most famous persons from the Bible – Abraham.

“Consider that there is scant archaeological evidence that Napoleon and his army ever traveled from Egypt through the Holy Land in 1799 AD, because they, like Abraham, lived in tents.”

“The only reason we can know with certitude that Napoleon and his army did go through the Holy Land is that the written record of Napoleon’s historians testifies to the fact.”

“So, it should come as no surprise that archaeological evidence and the Biblical account of Abraham who came to the rescue of his nephew Lot at the city of Dan are in harmony.”

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