Arctic Sinkholes Appeared As Permafrost Melted

Permafrost is a layer of soil and rocks that do not thaw even in summer, but when it does, it creates sinkholes that can change Arctic’s landscapes in e few months.

When the ice begins to melt, the rocks and other sediments that were under, it will be seen as marshy eroded land, also known as thermokarst. Previous researches explain how the surface is models after the Permafrost. Permafrost represents 15% of Earth’s soil.

The permafrost regions are in the polar climate, where the average annual temperature does not exceed -1 ° C, and the average yearly precipitation is below 1,000 mm. The permafrost regions are in the polar area; the high mountain regions covered by glaciers; in these regions, there is only sparse tundra vegetation.

Arctic Sinkholes Appeared As Permafrost Melted

By this melting process, carbon is released in the atmosphere, and the quantity is higher than the specialists estimated. This release can then speed up global warming, and this cycle is known as climate change. We all know that frozen water has a more significant volume than liquid water, so, when permafrost starts to melt, it transforms the Arctic’s frozen land into a flooded land that looks like a “broccoli soup.”

“This can happen very quickly, causing relatively dry and solid ecosystems (such as forests) to turn into lakes in a matter of months to years, and the effects can extend into the soil to a depth of several meters,” said Merritt Turetsky, the lead study author.

Scientists think that this process has a significant part in global warming, and maybe this is one of the many reasons why we don’t have four seasons anymore. If you’re asking me, the winter will be in March, and as far as I’ve seen until now, we won’t have any spring. Global warming is a very delicate subject that affects us all. The major problem is that our ecosystem will soon be gone if we don’t take an attitude.

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