Are Aliens Spying On Us For Centuries? A New Theory Proposed By A Scientist

We all know that Hollywood had been producing dozens of Science Fiction movies with the scenario of aliens coming to Earth to destroy or enslave us. But a new theory rises, and it was proposed by Physicist and independent SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) researcher James Benford: intelligent forms of extraterrestrial life may have been spying on us for many years, without wanting to reveal themselves.

If such a claim gives you goosebumps, prepare for the weirdest part: the aliens may have bases built on nearby asteroids that track with Earth’s orbit. That would make the ideal place for an otherworldly spy post, says Benford.

“Looking for Lurkers”

Physicist James Benford published his view on possible alien spying on our planet in the peer-reviewed Astronomical Journal last month, with the title “Looking for Lurkers”.

Benford goes on by encouraging humanity to have contact with the aliens: “A probe located nearby could bide its time while our civilization developed technology that could find it, and, once contacted, could undertake a conversation in real-time,” He also added: “It could have been routinely reporting back on our biosphere and civilization for long eras.”

The physicist is very faithful to his idea, saying that it would be a shocking thing if alien advanced civilizations didn’t even take a peek at our planet: “If we don’t find anything, that means no one has come to look at the life of Earth for over billions of years,” Benford said. “That is a big surprise, a stunning thing.”

The theory would explain why the aliens didn’t visit us

For the moment, humanity doesn’t possess the right technology to be able to lay foot on at least one neighboring planet. Therefore, it can’t possibly seek intelligent life among even a minimum percentage of the endless number of planets which are out there in this infinity of spacetime. But in such a huge Universe, most scientists believe that it’s impossible for super advanced life forms not to exist and not wanting to visit us. So maybe they just visited our planet by spying on our lifestyle without revealing themselves, only to see what we’re capable of.

But a civilization from another planet may be way too technologically and mentally advanced for us to care about this planet in a way or another. Even if it sounds very grim for most people, the great astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson supported the idea by saying in an interview with Business Insider: “I wonder if, in fact, we have been observed by aliens and upon close examination of human conduct and human behavior they have concluded that there is no sign of intelligent life on Earth,” He also added “You don’t walk by the worm on the street and say, ‘Gee, I wonder what he’s thinking.’ No, you step on the worm.”

So there you have it. As ridiculous as it may sound for some people, the hypothesis of researcher James Benford may actually be the key understanding of why an advanced civilization from another planet didn’t visit Earth.

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