Artisanal Masks Should Only Be Used As A Last Resort Against The Coronavirus

Artisanal Masks

As the number of diagnosed coronavirus cases continues to grow, many people strive to acquire face masks in an attempt to protect themselves. It is estimated that there are more than 750,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases around the planet.

Due to the lack of medical facemasks and other types of PPE (personal protection equipment), a large number of people have started to make an artisanal mask with the help of materials available at home, to have something that will keep them safe when they have to perform certain chores or go to work.

A recent press release offered by a spokeswoman for the Centers for Disease Control mentions that the homemade masks aren’t deemed to be safe PPEs, and they should only be used as a last resort alternative, in combination with other protective equipment. For example, a face shield will boost its efficiency.

Artisanal Masks Are Not Enough Against The Coronavirus

US hospitals are already facing significant shortages, especially N95 masks. A comparison with Soviet workers was made, as some of the workers who were implied in the cleaning related to the 1986 Chernobyl accident. A shortage of uniforms led to problems, and makeshift uniforms were offered. However, they were quite infective.

In a remarkable opinion article offered to a scientific journal, a physician stated that such acts have no place in the 21st century, especially since many hoarders bought hundreds of masks and keep them in dusty deposits or attempt to make a profit by selling them on the internet or the black market.

The physician argued that people who stockpiled an unnecessarily large amount of masks should donate to hospitals, where they are actually needed and will contribute to the task of saving lives. While some medical services have been suspended, emergency operations still have to take place, and a large number of masks are required since new ones are needed after each procedure.

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