Asteroid 2019 OK Came to Astronomical Inches Close to Earth

NASA reported the last event of the Asteroid 2019 OK coming too close to our planet. They saw the massive speeding rock only 24 hours earlier. A small telescope in Brazil notified NASA of the asteroid arrival. Asteroid 2019 OK is reaching the size of a football field, and it comes within an approximative 48,000 miles of our planet.

Asteroid Certainties Investigated So Far

The Space Agency approximates football field-dimension asteroids strikes with Earth once every 2,000 years. NASA is known for its accuracy and detailed shared information.

Also, annually, a car-dimension asteroid smacks the Earth.

The space rocks from the Asteroid Belt are estimated to be approximately 583 miles across.

The outer layers of the icy comets in contact with the Sun’s heat leave a shiny trace behind.

NASA’s Plans for An Infrared Telescope

The US space agency has big plans over developing a new tool for identifying the hard to see asteroids. The company discussed later this week about an infrared telescope, one that was on NASA’s plans 15 years ago. Jet Propulsion Lab from Pasadena, California, suggested to NASA, the creation of the telescope. Mark Sykes, CEO of the Planetary Science Institute from Tucson, Arizona, expressed his thoughts toward the time it will take to create it and the mission, too. He explained, “There is no independent or new spacecraft or operational design here. The mission is NEOCam.” The project, however, involves, of course, lot of money, and NASA estimated $500 million to $600 million. This price includes the specifical calibrations and engineering logistics.

A connection, however, between the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope from Chile, and an infrared telescope could bring some sense to reality, much more. As Jay Melosh from Purdue University stated, “There are a lot of really dark asteroids out there, and that pushes the need for the infrared system.” Time will only show us if NASA’s decisions were rushed or smart enough to protect us from such asteroid as Asteroid 2019 OK.

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