Asteroid Alert: NASA Faces Some Warnings After Its Plans to Stop Asteroids

NASA got a warning after one of its plans could represent a threat to Earth. The space agency plans to redirect an Earth-bound asteroid. As they are known, asteroids are those rocky objects which orbit the Sun. They happen to be part of the Solar System, flying around space, millions of them. Their collisions, however, have always represented a massive event for creating other planets. NASA develops missions of observing and identifying any Near-Earth Objects as what is known as Potential Hazardous Object.

A Warning for NASA

Dr. Natalie Starkey, a cosmochemist, has a different opinion of NASA’s work. “Catching Stardust” is a book she wrote in 2019 in which she presents the possibility of the space agency to miss something. Dr.Starkey stated, “In the event that we had, at most, a few years notice of an impending impact, we would need to focus on the less precise and more drastic measures of diversion or destruction.” She believes in the explosions’ effects due to NASA’s mission of stopping Near-Earth Objects. She warned the space agency by telling it that “if we were intentionally, or accidentally, smash the object during this process, then the outcome for Earth could be harder to predict.”

Then she explained how dangerous it could be, “the composition of the space object, it might fragment into tiny dust-sized pieces that could rain down on Earth.”

Dr. Starkey is acutely aware of the possible situations an asteroid could bring. She described the horror we could face if an actual asteroid would meet our planet. We would suffer a process of extinction.

Considered a potential threat for Earth, Asteroid 101955 Bennu scored the second-highest total rank on the Palermo Technical Impact Hazard Scale. NASA, on the other hand, has a mission involving its OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, to explore the rock.

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