Asteroid Approaches Earth: Huge Space Rock Skims Past Our Planet This Week

Asteroid-related news continues. The close approach of the space rock is set to take place on January 18.

The space rock is believed to be 88-200 meters in diameter, and this asteroid has been named 2009 BH2.

The size of the space rock is basically twice the one of Big Ben. Saturday, we’ll witness the asteroid flying past our planet at 2.8 million miles, so it’s more than obvious that it does not pose a threat to us.

A second asteroid joins the first space rock 

On the other hand, this is considered a close approach by the space agency NASA. It’s been reported that this asteroid will be joined by another rock as well.

The 2020 AH1 is a much smaller asteroid, and it’s been reported that it’s set to pass by the Earth on the same day, at around 12:30.

It’s been revealed that this asteroid will be around 33 meters – 75 meters in size.

It’s interesting to note that the space agency finds about 30 new NEOs on a weekly basis. NEO stands for a near-Earth object.

NASA managed to find about 19,000 NEOs at the beginning of 2019, and the NEO catalog is far from being complete.

NASA said via the Mirror: “Experts estimate that an impact of an object the size of the one that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013 – approximately 55 feet (17 meters) in size – takes place once or twice a century.”

The space agency continued and said that “Impacts of larger objects are expected to be far less frequent (on the scale of centuries to millennia).”

Unpredictable events could happen 

NASA continued and explained that “However, given the current incompleteness of the NEO catalog, an unpredicted impact – such as the Chelyabinsk event – could occur at any time.”

This is the reason for which there is a need for massive efforts to discover and study such space rocks in order to find out their trajectories.

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