Asteroid Breaking News: NASA Spots Second Asteroid Racing Towards Earth For Christmas

It’s been revealed that our planet is set to receive a visit from two massive space rocks for Christmas. There’s been a second asteroid spotted, and it’s racing towards Earth.

While people will be celebrating with friends and families, there will be a massive asteroid that will be hurtling past us.

NASA finds new asteroid racing towards Earth 

It’s been revealed that on December 26, our planet is due for a close encounter with a huge space rock called 310442 (2000 CH59).

The asteroid was found by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory on its NEO close approach tracker. notes that this asteroid is about 600 meters wide, and it’s reportedly big enough to wipe out a city.

The space rock will reportedly zoom past our planet at a distance of about 3.6 million miles. This might sound like a huge distance, but it only takes a minute in cosmic terms.

The online publication mentioned above noted that the asteroid is traveling at a staggering speed of 27,500mph (44,172 km/h).

The size of this space rock is about like the one of the World Trade Center, and it would cause a tragedy if a collision were to take place. But such a thing is not likely to happen, so this means that you can spend your holidays without any worries.

Another space rock passed earth yesterday 

Just the other day, it was revealed that ​NASA‘s telescopes that observe and monitor asteroids have detected a cosmic rock that has the size of one of Earth’s great pyramids approaching our planet.

According to NASA, 427 feet (130 meters) pyramid-sized asteroid is about to fly by Earth on Sunday. The Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies reported that the asteroid, named VH5 2019, will safely hurtle past our planet at approximately 4.27 million miles from it at 22,000mph (35,000kmh).

NASA has been explaining that there’s no reason for panic because the chances that an asteroid hits us are really small.

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