Asteroid Close Approach: NASA Detects A 1KM Rock Heading Our Way This Saturday

It’s been just revealed that an asteroid that’s big enough to cause huge destruction on a global scale is approaching our planet this upcoming Saturday.

NASA confirmed the news after the space agency’s tracking systems had found a potentially catastrophic space rock that’s dubbed 2002 PZ39, which is believed to measure nearly 3,280ft (one kilometer) across.

It’s been also revealed that the asteroid is currently flying through space at speeds of more than 35,500mph (57,240km/h).

We can expect the space rock to pass us this Saturday 

NASA also noted that the asteroid is expected to make a close approach to our planet this Saturday, February 15, sometime before noon.

The space agency said that any rock, which is this big could potentially kill millions. Here’s the official statement:

“If a rocky meteoroid larger than 25m but smaller than one kilometer – a little more than half-a-mile – were to hit Earth, it would likely cause local damage to the impact area,’ NASA says.

The space agency continued and explained that “We believe anything larger than one to two kilometers – one kilometer is a little more than a one-half mile – could have worldwide effects.”

2018 White House report addressed the dangers of huge asteroids

Back in 2018, a White House report on NEOs (near-Earth objects) revealed the huge destructive potential of such huge objects as well.

The report reads: “Objects close to and larger than one kilometer can cause damage on a global scale.”

The same report continues and notes: “They can trigger earthquakes, tsunamis, and other secondary effects that extend far beyond the immediate impact area.”

Anyway, chances that we get hit are close to zero, as the space agency highlighted more than once, so there’s no need to worry about anything related to asteroids the next Saturday, just enjoy your weekend like you would normally do.

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