Asteroid “God Of Chaos” Could Trigger Enormous Tsunamis And Climate Change

Another asteroid-related piece of news makes waves online via various publications.

It’s been revealed that an asteroid nicknamed God Of Chaos has the potential of causing devastating tsunamis and throw the whole world into a chaos of climate change, according to the latest warnings coming from an expert.

According to the reports coming from, there’s a 370-meter wide asteroid known as 99942 Apophis is potentially on a collision course with our planet.

We’re not saying that it will hit, because according to NASA, such risks are close to zero, but it would cause global devastation if were to hit.

The Apophis God of Chaos asteroid got its name from the “Ancient Egyptian god of evil, darkness, and destruction.”

The online publication mentioned above also noted that the space rock is bigger than the Shard in London, and the impact could have major consequences.

They write: “If the 27bn kilogram asteroid were to hit Earth, scientists calculate it would leave a crater more than a mile wide and a staggering 518 meters deep.”

Climate change and massive tsunamis 

The online pubcalition continues and notes: “However, most worryingly, the impact would be equivalent to 880 million tons of TNT being detonated – 65,000 times as powerful as the nuclear bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima.”

It’s been revealed that an expert detailed the horrors that would happen if such an asteroid were to hit our planet.

The expert claimed that there would be massive climate change because the debris would for a cloud that would lead to plummeting temperatures. If it were to hit the oceans, enormous tsunamis would form.

If you want to read more apocalyptic-like scenarios, head over to the original article written by

But, you should remember that NASA is keeping an eye on the space rocks in our proximity, and they have no warning for humanity at the moment. The chances that Earth gets hit are minimal.

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