Asteroid Menace: 11 Previously Thought To Be Harmless Asteroids Could Hit Earth

It’s been just reported that a neural network found 11 asteroids that were once believed to pose zero threats to Earth, which could actually come pretty close to hit our planet.

NASA listed these 11 asteroids as non-hazardous objects – the space rocks measure more than 100 meters across.

11 asteroids have been singled out by the AI

AI software that’s been developed by researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands, which is dubbed the Hazardous Object Identifier – has singled out the eleven space rocks.

It also predicted that these “could come within 0.05 astronomical units (7.5 million kilometers, 4.7 million miles) of terra firma,” The Register notes.

It’s been also reported that considering all of the above, the space rocks should be labeled as potentially hazardous objects, instead of non-hazardous.

The website mentioned above makes sure to note that despite the fact that this might sound alarming, the space rocks are unlikely to slam into our beloved planet. 0.05 astronomical units is a pretty wide margin, they continue to explain.

The online publication also notes that “To train the neural network, the researchers simulated hundreds of thousands of asteroid collisions with Earth, recording the space boulders’ motion over time using the ALICE supercomputer cluster at the university.”

The software picks up patterns in the data 

The software has been taught to pick up on patterns in the data common among asteroids that would hit the planet and identify them as such.

We recommend that you check out the original article in order to learn more details.

Speaking of asteroids, we recently had another scare involving a space rock close approach.

About a week ago, it’s been revealed that a space rock that was big enough to cause huge destruction on a global scale was racing towards our planet.

NASA confirmed the news after the space agency’s tracking systems had found a potentially catastrophic space rock that’s dubbed 2002 PZ39, which is believed to measure nearly 3,280ft (one kilometer) across.

But, fortunately, we were not hit. It’s important to highlight that the chances of Earth getting hit by an asteroid as pretty close to zero according to official data coming from NASA.

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