Asteroid News: NASA Discovers Huge Space Rock Passing Earth This Tuesday

The asteroid fears have taken over the Internet for a really long time now, but it’s important to understand the fact that most of them are not motivated enough.

The probability of a space rock hitting our beloved planet is a really small one, according to reports coming from NASA.

NASA detected a 120-meter-wide space rock that will be the closest to our planet this tomorrow, October 29.

The space rock is moving at 30,900 mph

The asteroid is an icy clump of iron and other elements, and it’s on an Earth intersecting orbit. The speed at which it’s moving is 30,900 mph.

NASA’s calculations are predicting that the asteroid will be passing within a few million miles of the surface of our planet.

This may definitely should pretty far away, but it’s really close in astronomical terms.

The celestial rock is reportedly known as the asteroid 2019 TR2, and it’s also worth noting that it was discovered earlier this month, being first spotted on October 5.

According to NASA, the space rock is about 120 meters across, and it also has been classified by NASA as Apollo asteroid.

This class of asteroid has a wide elliptical orbit that takes them around the earth and Sun.

It’s also important to note that every once in awhile, the orbits of these asteroids intersect with the one of Earth as the planet goes around the huge star.

What can happen if the space rock comes too close to Earth? notes that while the Apollo asteroids complete their voyage, they will also pass some other planets such as Mars.

“If the asteroids approach these planets at very close distances, they can get affected by their gravitational pull, altering the space rocks’ trajectories. If this were to happen, the asteroids could theoretically end up on a collision course with Earth,” according to the online publication mentioned above.

They also note that “An impact event caused by any of these asteroids, including 2019 TR2, would decimate large regions of the planet.”

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