Asteroid Threat: NASA Spotted A Huge Space Rock On Earth-Orbit

Another potentially dangerous space rock has been just spotted by the space agency NASA.

They are reportdly keeping an eye on the close approach that will be taking place in November of a space rock that’s almost half the size of Ben Navis. reported that the asteroid is racing towards our planet with a speed of 18k MPH.

It’s been revealed that the astroid’s name is 481394 2006 SF6. It also seems that the space rock is set for its closest approach to the Earth on November 21.

The asteroid has a diameter of 650 meters 

The online publication mentioned above noted that “The 650-meter celestial chunk is classified as an Apollo asteroid, the most dangerous class of asteroid, having an Earth-crossing orbit. There is also the chance that it could be nudged much closer by the Yarkovsky effect.”

This effect involves the soft force of sunlight, which has the ability to steer asteroids into Earth-crossing orbits and it can massively change their paths across the solar system.

It’s been revealed by experts that asteroids that are bigger than 35 meters in diameter can be risky toa town or a city.

And if we think about the fact that this one has a diameter of 650 meters, well, the risks are definitely much higher.

There’s been a lot of fuss on the Internet lately regarding the potential dangers of asteroids that are passing Earth, but it’s also been revealed that at the moment, there’s nothing to worry about.

In other asteroid-related news, it’s been recently revealed that an asteroid which was 3,000 times bigger than the space rock which led to the extinction of dinosaurs hit another space rock about 470 million years ago and it may have led to an increase in new species.

In other words, a distant asteroid collision produced a lot of dust, and this was just enough to trigger an ice age on Earth.

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