Asteroid Threat – New Space Rock Rushes Towards Earth, Reaching Our Area Tonight – What Are The Risks?

Asteroid enthusiasts get another asteroid-related news. There are a lot of astronomy lovers and not only who are checking out the space rocks which are skimming past our beloved planet.

A new asteroid rushes towards Earth 

Now, it seems that it’s happening again and this time it will be tonight. A lot of news outlets are revealing the news that an asteroid that is rushing through space at a speed of about 48,000mph will reach Earth’s area later tonight, according to NASA. notes that the space rock is dubbed by NASA 2019 SX5, and it “will fly by on a “Close Approach” trajectory.”

It’s been also revealed that NASA’s asteroid trackers expect the space rock to appear close to Earth just after midnight on October 11.

“At its closest, NASA said the space rock would arrive around 12.07 am BST on Friday,” reports

It’s been also reported that the asteroid was spotted for the very first time lurking in our solar system last month, on September 6th.

The space agency calculated its speed, orbit, and size using data coming from 36 observations.

The asteroid is classed as a NEO

It’s also important to mention the fact that NASA called the space rock a NEO – Near-Earth Object. As you probably know by now, NEOs are comets and asteroids which are coming close to our planet during their quests around the Sun.

NASA stated the following: “A NEO includes any asteroid, meteoroid or comet orbiting the Sun within 18,600,000 miles (30 million km) of Earth’s orbit.”

It’s been also reported that asteroid SX5 is also an Apollo-type rock, and this means that the space rock is crossing Earth’s orbit on a path that is pretty similar to Asteroid 1862 Apollo.

NASA has estimated estimates that this asteroid is measuring “somewhere in the range of 203ft to 459ft (62m to 140m) across.”

If it were to hit it, the space rock would be able to wipe out massive regions on the planet, but this will not be the case.

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