Astronauts Film Breathtaking Comet – Neowise Appears

This summer – well, it was summer on Earth, but the void of space was as cold and as dead as ever – an astronaut affiliated with NASA ended up right in front of a window on the International Space Station, also abbreviated as ISS. This astronaut looked in the direction of our home planet and saw an incredible cosmic show.

Neowise Appears

The space station was slowly floating in orbit and moving in the slight direction of the Middle East. After it got there, the most amazing phenomenon became visible. The newly discovered comet called Comet Neowise appeared from beyond the horizon with its identical glowing tails. The comet then disappeared almost as fast as it appeared.

Astronauts Witness the Phenomenon

In a recent interview with “The Daily” podcast, affiliated with the New York Times, Bob Behnken, a NASA astronaut, explained that the comet became visible for a very short amount of time right before the sun rose. Essentially, Neowise was visible when it was close to the sun, but the sun was not visible due to the position of the Earth. Behnken added that seeing the comet from the International Space Station was absolutely mesmerizing.

Images for the Landlubbers

Luckily for us, we do not have to put our lives at stake and move to the International Space Station to see this comet. Behnken, together with his team on the space station have taken thousands of photographs and these did not remain in the state of raw footage.

Sean Doran, a graphic artist based in the United Kingdom, who is known for processing images that come from the space station, has downloaded the image archive from NASA and made it into an amazing movie. Doran talked about his little project on Twitter. He explained that people need to get comfortable, in their best pajamas and with the lights off to properly enjoy the film. He also recommended, in a lighter tone, to drink when watching it.

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