Astronomers Clock Incredibly High Winds On Object Outside Our Solar System

It’s been just revealed that experts have been able to measure the wind speed on an object that’s outside of the solar system, says a new study. This object is known as a brown dwarf, and it’s 33.2 light-years away from our planet.

Just in ca see you’re not familiar with these entities, brown dwarfs are not quite stars, but they are not planets either, says CNN. They’re called failed stars, and they are considered too big to be planets.

The brown dwarf in the study that’s been mentioned above is the size of Jupiter but it has 40 times the mass of Jupiter.

Winds of 1,450 miles per hours 

According to CNN, on the nearby cool brown dwarf called 2MASS J1047+21, experts clocked wind speeds reaching 1,450 miles per hour.

The study was published the other day in the journal Science.

Experts have been able to measure wind speeds on the planets and bodies in the solar systems. The new findings are ruling out models that have been used to guess wind speeds that are outside of the solar system.

“This new technique opens the way to better understanding the behavior of atmospheres that are unlike anything found in our solar system,” said Peter Williams, one of the authors of this study.

It’s been also revealed that the measurement was made using a brand new technique that combines a detection of radio and infrared emissions. This way, experts were able to know the wind speed of a distant object even if they could not pick out the cloud movement in the atmosphere.

“On Earth, for example, say you have a cloud being blown by some wind,” said Katelyn Allers, study co-author.

We suggest that you check out the complete study published in Science and also the original article posted by CNN to learn more details.

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