At The Edge Of The Universe, The Laws Of Physics May Bend

It’s been just revealed that there’s a controversial study that shows the possibility of something unexpected. It seems that the laws of physics may bend at the edge of the universe.

Experts at the University of New South Wales found something that could be showing the discrepancies in what’s called the fine structure constant, according to the latest reports coming from Futurism.

This is the number that is thought to remain the same, and that describes the ways in which subatomic particles are interacting with each other.

Changing the understanding of the universe 

This is a pretty bold claim but, according to the publication mentioned above, if this holds up, it would fundamentally alter the understanding of the universe.

The fine structure constant describes the force that’s influencing subatomic particles with an electrical charge such as protons and electrons and the ways in which they are drawn to each other.

The study mentioned above was published in the journal Science Advances and it found that this number seems to change when they analyzed extremely distant quasars.

This reportedly happened only when experts were looking in certain directions – this means that the laws of physics may break down at the edges of the universe.

“And it seems to be supporting this idea that there could be a directionality in the universe,” University of New South Wales physicist John Webb stated and continued, “which is very weird indeed.”

So far, the models of the universe are assuming that it expands outward in all directions just like an ever-growing blob of galaxies and more, how the online publication mentioned above puts it.

If the study is correct, it presents a universe with a dipole structure. On the other hand, this is a bold finding, and Webb himself is not convinced by his own work. He says that it’s worth exploring.

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