Aurora Chasers Discover A New Type Of Phenomenon – See “The Dunes”

It’s been just revealed that some mysterious fingers of green light that were reaching the sky are a brand new type of aurora – according to the latest confirmations coming from researchers.

Some amateur northern-lights photographers have first spotted these unusual patterns in Finland and called the phenomenon – the dunes.

These patterns seem to come from electricity in space that ends up creating waves in Earth’s atmosphere.

Regular aurorae are spreading down vertically from the main ribbons of light, but these new findings, the dunes’ patterns, are stretching horizontally.

Analyzing the newly discovered phenomenon – the dunes 

In a new study that has been published in the journal AGU Advances, scientists at the University of Helsinki are offering their analysis of this newly observed phenomenon.

They think that the dunes could be a visible manifestation of the atmospheric waves.

According to the latest data coming from Business Insider, the waves are occurring at an altitude that is pretty difficult to study – about 50 to 75 miles above the sea level. Such a level is too high for planes and balloons and too low for satellites.

This is the main reason for which watching the dunes could be able to help experts learn more details about the atmosphere at such altitudes.

“For the first time, we can actually observe atmospheric waves through the aurora – this is something that hasn’t been done before,” Minna Palmroth, a space physicist and lead author of the study, said in a press release.

Business Insider also revealed that citizen scientist Kari Saari shot the video above in Savojärvi, Finland. The clip shows the dunes extending from the main arc of the aurora.

The auroral forms are similar to fingerprints – this means, according to experts, that if you see a certain auroral form, you will know from that form what exactly is happening out there in space.

Check out more info in the original article of Business Insider.

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