Bacteria Could Help In Building A Martian Base

Mars was the center of attention during the past week when it was claimed that the Red Planet definitely holds life, and there’s also proof to support the claim.

It’s been revealed that a former NASA scientist told the world that life has already been discovered on the Red Planet. This resulted in mass hysteria all over the Internet.

The expert reportedly made the shocking claim that life has been already found on Mars back in the 1970s. It’s essential to know that this is something that the government space agency has denied.

Anyway, just one day after this has been reported, the website Futurism wrote that after the massive backlash, the press release has disappeared from the Ohio University site.

Using bacteria to build a base on Mars

Now, the Red Planet enters the spotlight once more following the latest theory. Universe Today writes that when we’re talking about future missions to space, one of the essential aspects is the use of local resources along with autonomous robots.

The online publication mentioned above notes that this process is known as In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU). It’s worth noting that this reduces the amount of equipment and resources that have to be sent ahead on the Red Planet or brought there by a mission crew.

It’s been also revealed that autonomous robots can be sent ahead of a crew and have everything prepared.

Bacteria could be useful on Mars 

Bacteria that could draw iron from extraterrestrial soil could also be reportedly used to 3D print metal components for a base.

Ph.D. candidate Benjamin Lehner of the Delft University of Technology came up with the idea mentioned above.

Last Friday (November 22nd), “he defended his thesis, which calls for the deployment of an uncrewed mission to Mars that will convert regolith into useable metal using a bacteria-filled bioreactor,” according to the same online publication

Head over to the original article written by Universe Today in order to learn more about this subject.

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