Beauty Blenders And Make-Up Can Be Dangerous Because of Superbugs

We all know what make-up means for women, such as beauty blenders. But do you want to know something nasty? 9 out of 10 beauty products can carry superbugs after they get opened.

Beauty blenders, lip gloss, mascara, all get antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as E. coli because they are not continuously cleaned, and they are used after they’ve expired.

All of the poor hygiene practices – especially when it comes to beauty blenders – are very dangerous because, as said before, they can be the reason for E. coli in your make-up. E. coli is linked with fecal contamination. This comes from the co-leader of the study, Amreen Bashir, who comes from the School of Life and Health Sciences at Aston University in Birmingham.

Beauty Blenders and Make-Up Can Be Dangerous Because of Superbugs

Consumers need to learn more about this and the make-up industry, as a matter of fact. They need to know that they have to wash their beauty blenders regularly and dry them as you are supposed to. They also need to understand that it’s not okay to use make-up products after they’ve expired.

The team of scientists found that 90% of the make-up products can contain bacteria, which can cause some illnesses, from skin infection to blood poisoning – if used on cuts or near the eyes or the mouth. The high risk is among people with weak immune systems.

The potentially dangerous bacteria was found mostly on beauty blenders. 93% of the beauty blenders had never been cleaned, and 64% of them were dropped on the floor at least once. The reason why the bacteria stay on beauty blenders is that they are left damp after they are used, which causes the excellent ground for the dangerous bacteria to get in, according to researchers.

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