Binge Drinking Is More Common In American Kids From Wealthy Families

American kids have many vices, lately, some new, other old. Vaping and opioids consumption are among the latest “epidemics” that surge across the US. However, alcohol abuse remains the top vice among American teens. And, now, according to a new study, binge drinking is more common in American kids from wealthy families.

Alcohol abuse is nowadays the most “natural” way to get “high.” The volume of alcohol that highschool and college students consume would shock every adult. A brand-new CBSN Originals documentary, named “Drinking Culture: American Kids and the Danger of Being Cool,” reveals how binge drinking is affecting American kids.

According to the documentary, alcohol abuse leads to the so-called blackout episodes. But, surprisingly, teens love that. Also, alcohol-based sexual assault boosted in the US and other countries where binge drinking is frequent. The most intriguing thing is that binge drinking prevalent in kids from families with more money.

Binge Drinking Is More Common In American Kids From Wealthy Families

“There are some studies that show that a lot of kids who grow up in affluent suburban communities grow up in communities where the adults around them drink a lot. And they’re going to model that behavior,” said Dr. Laurence Steinberg from Temple University.

“They also may have access to alcohol from the alcohol that their parents have purchased and have at home. So, you know, we often think that money and privilege is a protective condition. But I think in this case, it may be associated with actually more dangerous behavior,” the researcher added.

Access to much money and the lack of worries, financially speaking, add up to increasing binge drinking among America kids from wealthy families, and not only, to be honest. The alcohol abuse issue is spreading among teens. According to the CDC, 13.5% of high schoolers are binge drinking.

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