Biologists Recent Discovery of a Rare Whale Ending

Recently, a team of marine researchers realized quite the discovery. They found a dead whale on the ocean floor with the help of a vessel remotely controlled underwater. The team from Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, spotted the whale’s carcass while they were already on another exploration of the Davidson Seamount in California. They were at a 3,200 meters depth in the ocean. It was intriguing to find something like this because life there is almost inexistent, and food is very rare. The dead whale, however, gathered lots of creatures and supplied them with provisions. The mammal’s ending was a recent one, according to biologists, around 4 months old. They still could have seen its internal organs. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t indicate the whale’s species, but a grey whale speculation has been made or even a minke one. However, because it reaches dimensions of 4-5 meters and its jawbones could be seen, it could be a baleen species.

The team stated, “Large scavengers like eelpouts are still stripping the skeleton of blubber, and bone-eating Osedax worms are starting to consume lipids from the bones.” Moreover, they also explained how “other organisms seen onsite include crabs, grenadier[s], polychaetes, and deep-sea octopus.”

The team’s exploring vessel got close to the mammal’s body for better identification, hoping for some clues to find out how it found its end. They presumed that if it was a grey whale, it could have been linked to the unusually high grey whale mortality that’s been lately so alarming. These incidents still happen along the west coast of the North American continent, all the year. As the team of biologists explained, this happening is quite intriguing. The dead whale will create a unique ecosystem that can persist for many years from now on.

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