Bizarre Lunar Anomalies, Spotted In NASA Photos – UFO Hunter Claims It’s An “Alien City”

A UFO hunter claimed that there’s been an alien city discovered on the moon in an archived NASA photo.

Addressing alien conspiracy theories 

It’s been reported that Scott Waring took to his to address the alien conspiracy claims.

He revealed: “What we are looking at are structures on the Moon’s polar region. “I have seen such a white shiny spot before on dwarf planet Ceres.”

Ceres is the largest object in the asteroid belt which is located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.

He reportedly added: “These alien structures are almost impossible to see, yet they are there. You can see areas where the top part of the Moon been peeled off and buildings are visible underneath. A lot of viewers claim such images are a product of pixilation, but it is not.”

He reportedly continued and used photo editing software in order to manipulate the archived NASA photo of the moon.

He said that there’s a polar region in the photo and the ETh enthusiast also said that the inner circle of the original NASA Moon pic is always invisible from our planet.

He claims that the dark shadowy spot in the center is something that we cannot see from Earth.

He claims that the anomaly is like a giant alien air vent, which reportedly leads to an alien base below the ground.

He said that this “alien vent” is probably a doorway, an entrance.

You can check out more details and the available pics in the original article.

Alien life on Mars

In more alien-related news, it’s been reported earlier that a former NASA scientist, in a fantastic op-ed, said that he is 100% certain that NASA has found pieces of evidence of life on Mars back in the 1970s.

You should read more about the subject in our previous article.

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