Black Hole Discovery: Hubble Spots A Mind-Blowing Missing Link

It’s been just revealed that the Hubble Space Telescope has found the best candidate for an intermediate-mass black hole ever – IMBH. This is a medium-sized black hole which is 50k times the mass of our Sun. The black hole was discovered while gobbling up a passing star, as Forbes puts it.

The missing link in the evolution theory of black holes 

If this discovery turns out to be a viable one, this will be offering experts the missing link in the theories of black hole evolution.

Stellar-mass black holes and supermassive black holes have been detected by now, and they have been pretty much understood.

Our Milky Way galaxy has a relatively quiescent supermassive black hole at the galactic center.

On the other hand, intermediate-mass black holes are an astrophysical puzzle, according to the same online publication mentioned above.

Experts are still questioning how the IMBHs can assemble and whether they are the building blocks of the supermassive black holes.

Hubble addressed the IMBH identified by its x-ray moniker 3XMMJ215022.4−055108 inside the star cluster that it calls home.

The analysis and results are published 

Forbes noted that astrophysicist Dacheng Lin of the University of New Hampshire in Durham and colleagues have just published their analysis and results in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Experts noted that the object is “best explained as the tidal disruption of a star by an intermediate-mass black hole in a massive star cluster at the outskirts of a large barred, lenticular galaxy.”

It’s also worth noting that the x-ray glow from the star shredded by this intermediate black hole allowed astronomers to estimate the mass of the black hole – 50k solar masses, according to the info coming from NASA.

We recommend that you check out the original article posted by Forbes in order to find out more details.

In other news, it’s been revealed that new info from NASA‘s Hubble Space Telescope is detailing what could be the most powerful phenomena in the universe – the quasar tsunami.

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