Blood-Red Apocalyptic Wall Of Sand Engulfs This City

It’s been just revealed that a massive sand storm in Niger’s capital of Niamey in West Africa swept across the city at the beginning of this week.

A wall of sand engulfed buildings, and it rolled across the landscape. Some pretty impressive footage is showing a large wall of sand that appeared on the edge of the city while the terrified spectators describing the moment as being apocalyptic.

Larger plumes of reddish dust appeared to be hundreds of meters high in the footage that’s been circulating on social media.

It’s important to note that sandstorms are pretty common in West Africa during the dry season – this usually lasts from January to April.

People freaked out on social media like there’s no tomorrow. One Twitter user said: “My apocalypse bingo card is full now.”

Another one added: “I witnessed it, and that was damn scary.” A third person said: “This is actually rather unusual. Some people are saying that it’s God punishment.”

The most important terrestrial sources of airborne dust 

Dust storms are also called sandstorms and these are meteorological phenomena that are most common in arid and semi-arid locations.

The drylands around North Africa and the Arabian peninsula are the most important terrestrial sources of airborne dust.

According to the latest info coming from Express, it seems that back in 2019, a dust storm in southern Africa was picked up by NASA satellites.

People in coastal towns along the west coast of southern Africa watched skies turn red on September 25, 2019.

Back then, the wind picked up and carried enormous plumes of sand and dust towards the Atlantic Ocean.

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