Boeing Has Scheduled Starliner’s First Manned Flight to the ISS

After a few disastrous fails, Boeing is allegedly getting ready for its first manned spacecraft launch. The probe is known as Starliner, and will take off to the International Space Station (ISS) on August 31st of this year, a source in the Russian space and rocket industry claimed.

The launch of the first manned Starliner spacecraft is scheduled for August 31st,” the source said.

Back in December 2019, the Starliner launched on its first test flight to the ISS, but the docking was called off after the spacecraft failed to perform an orbit-insertion burn according to the schedule. NASA has then investigated the failed mission and found more than 60 issues with Starliner.

Boeing is in a race with SpaceX and its advanced Crew Dragon to build the next capsule to take American astronauts to the ISS. Elon Musk‘s company has already scheduled its first manned mission with the Crew Dragon in the second quarter of 2020 under a $2.6 billion crew capsule contract with NASA.

Boeing’s Starliner Had More Issues Than Admitted to

Now that Boeing is back on track with its plans to launch a manned flight to the ISS, people are wondering whether the aerospace company is required to perform the usual flight tests before the grand take off.

The Starliner has reportedly had many more issues than both NASA and Boeing claimed, as the companies peculiarly covered some crucial information from the public for more than two months.

Later on, in a press conference, both NASA and Boeing admitted through comments that a second significant software failure took place just before Starliner’s regression. The flaw was only found because the first failure obliged the engineers to check all the codes in the software.

SpaceX has surely had its issues, but it has already demonstrated that it knows how to put itself back on its feet.

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