Brace Yourselves For A “Mythical Interstellar Encounter” With An Unexpected Visitor

It’s been reported that a strange object that comes from outside the solar system is on its way to us, and we’ll be able to experience a close encounter.

While addressing the discovery of this bizarre object, which is a pretty rare interstellar comet, astronomer Dr. Michel Drahus stated the following:

“We immediately noticed the familiar coma and tail that were not seen around ‘Oumuamua’.”

Oumuamua comet 

It’s also worth noting that back in 2017 the comet, called Oumamua, came into our solar system.

Drahus continued and explained: “This is really cool because it means that our new visitor is one of these mythical and never-before-seen ‘real’ interstellar comets.”

The comet 21/Borisov was named after the scientist who discovered it, and it will come within 177,000 miles of Earth, which is classed as a “close approach”.

Polish astronomers analyzed the comet’s orbit, and they have discovered that it comes from outside of our solar system.

The object was spotted in September.

According to the online publication, astronomers Piotr Guzik and Michel Drahus of Jagiellonian University spotted the comet while using data codes.

The best is yet to come.

According to the same online publication, Dr. Guzik said: “This code was written specifically for this purpose, and we really hoped to receive this message one day. We only didn’t know when.”

He continued and explained this: “Make of that what you will, but based on these initial characteristics, this object appears indistinguishable from the native Solar System comets.”

He also said that the comet would be observable for a few months, and this makes experts believe that the best is yet to come, as he expressed it.

The expert also said that it’s pretty safe to say that research on this celestial body will transform planetary astronomy and the whole field in general.

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