Bursts of X-Rays and a Star Trapped in the Middle of a Black Hole – What Is Scientists’ Stance on the Matter?

One of the most remarkable components of the Universe is definitely black holes. With their immense gravitational pull, black holes are capable of swallowing the most massive stars in the Universe. At least in theory because scientists have recently observed that one lucky star succeeding in escaping a black hole’s gravitational area.

The star, commonly referred to as GSN 069, caught researchers’ attention throughout their monthly report form March. The results of this study are published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. GSN 069 is located at 250 million-years away from our planet, which is in the vicinity of a massive black hole. Unlike what was commonly known until now, the star escaped the gravitational pull.

Even though the star was not swallowed in the powerful vortex, the black whole managed to capture it in its elliptical orbit. GSN 069 was originally a red giant, but its hydrogen outer layers were absorbed by the gravitational pull, leaving the star with a helium-rich core, called a white dwarf.

An interesting phenomenon is also present, since the star orbits around the elliptical orbit of the black hole, where remaining material blends together. This is the moment when bursts of X-rays are generated.

Andrew King is a professor at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. During an interview, he has declared that there is no escape for the courageous star. The black hole will eat it more and more every day until there will be nothing left to eat. This phenomenon is entitled “tidal disruption,” which comprises a bleak hole tearing a trapped star limb by limb.

Scientists have declared that this would not have been the first time to analyze this phenomenon that defies the laws of physics. This incredibly rare occurrence is thought to take less than 2000 to reach its final stage, being less than average for any action that happens in the outer space.

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