California is Warned: An Earthquake Could Hit Anytime

​A massive earthquake with the magnitude of at least 7.9 on the Richter scale is allegedly doomed to happen, a scientist claims. The quake had even been given a name, ‘Big One,’ and ‘will’ reportedly occur in California.

According to Robert de Groot of the U.S. Geological Society (USGS)​, there is tension that has been building over the years along the San Andreas fault. Experts now predict an earthquake for when that fault line will split.

For this particular reason, the USGS has created the Shake Alert application, which alerts residents in case tremors over a magnitude of 4.5 on the Richer scale stays to happen. The aim is to give people sufficient time to get ready, either by evacuating or hiding in case a major tremor takes place.

The USGS created the app with major earthquakes that happened around the globe in mind, such as the 1995 quake in Kobe, Japan, when a 6.5 tremor occurred and killed over 5,000 people. Japan developed an earthquake warning application after the tragedy took place, but the U.S. wanted to prevent it, rather than react to it.

Vigilance is Crucial

Robert de Groot of the U.S. Geological Society (USGS)​ also helped develop the Shake Alert app, as they want residents of California to know what to expect and get ready for the Big One. 

“[The Japan earthquake] caused a lot of damage and killed a lot of people, and those countries – their reaction was to build earthquake apps which could warn people ahead of time,” he said.

“The U.S. has not had that big earthquake in recent times, but we are building our system in anticipation of potentially having that big earthquake – which is going to happen.

“Where I live in southern California, there is a real threat of a magnitude 7.8 or larger earthquake which is considered to be our Big One on the San Andreas fault.”

Gavin Newson, California governor, also told the residents of the Golden State to remain alert as the Big One could hit at any time.

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