Canadians Will See the First Full Moon of the Decade – Find out When

The next Friday night is the best time to just stare at the moon, don’t you think? On the 10th of January, on Friday – that’s one year after the Super Blood Wolf Moon Total Lunar Eclipse – Canadians will be able to see this decade’s first full moon. As per EarthSky, we will see in the night a Full Wolf Moon Eclipse, but Canadians will be able to see Full and Moon parts of that title.

Due to the fact that the full moon happens at the same time all around the world, North America will see it at lunch. The moon will be full, which marks the lunar eclipse, at these times, based on where you live in Canada:

  • 11:11 am PST
  • 12:11 pm MST
  • 2:21 pm EST

Canadians Will See the First Full Moon of the Decade

When the daylight occurs, the moon will still be beneath our horizon, and this is why we won’t be able to see the lunar event. Even if we won’t be able to catch the moment of the full moon, and the moment when the eclipse happens, we will still be able to see the bright side of the moon, once the sun goes down.

On this night, the Full Wolf Moon will appear together with a lunar eclipse. A full moon happens when the moon is located on the opposite side of the Earth as the sun – its “face” will be fully illuminated. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes through the partial shadow of the Earth.

These two events combined will show us the full moon in the sky, but it will be darker than usual. Try to go out and see how much you can, since the next total lunar eclipse will happen in North America in May.

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