Cause Of One Of The Brightest Supernovas Ever, Revealed

Back in 2006, a star exploded 50 billion times brighter than the Sun. Now, it’s been revealed that some new research is suggesting that this was not just one star, but two of them.

An explosion 50 billion times brighter than the Sun

Back in September 2006, an exploding star was 50 billion times brighter than the Sun, and it blazed to life about 240 million light-years away – in the Perseus constellation.

For 70 days, it seems that the blast grew brighter and brighter, and it managed to outshine its home galaxy by ten times. It measured hundreds of times more than a typical supernova.

This bright supernova was known as a hypernova – this was the brightest stellar explosion that was ever detected by then.

Now, after a decade had passed, experts may have an answer to the question: “What was so special about it?”

On January 23, a new study was published in the journal Science which m8ight be shedding some light on the issue.

There could have been two stars, not one

LiveScience notes that the team of experts found that there were massive amounts of iron in the emissions which they could only be the result of the supernova interacting with a preexistent layer of stellar material that’s been ejected some hundreds of years earlier. The answer might be the fact that this was not just one star, but two.

“A candidate scenario to explain this is [the] evolution of a binary progenitor system, in which a white dwarf spirals into a giant or supergiant companion star,” the experts said in the study.

We recommend that you check out the complete study in order to learn more exciting details.

LiveScience sums it up and says that a giant star “ate” its dead neighbor.

In other news, scientists are still puzzled by something else as well.

Betelgeuse continues to get dimmer, and experts are looking for some reason. The space object will reach the supernova status at the end of its course. But this will not occur for tens of thousands of years.

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