Childhood Behavior Issues Might Trigger Insomnia Later In Life

Insomnia is a widespread problem among adults nowadays, and everybody knows a few of its possible causes: stress, depression, loss of a beloved one, financial issues, dealing with the law and so on. But how many of you would have thought that childhood behavior issues can affect your sleeping during adulthood, causing insomnia? Well, that is precisely what a new study reported in JAMA Network Open suggests, which followed 8050 people over more than four decades.

That’s right if you’ve been a naughty boy or girl back when you didn’t have problems like buying gas for your car or paying bills, it’s most likely you will have big trouble falling asleep during adulthood. Not eating your vegetables, not listening to your dad, swearing at your mom and sister, skipping class, fighting with other kids, damaging the Christmas tree or the TV, stealing other kids’ toys, or maybe even beating up Santa Claus can all have some pretty nasty effects later in life.

The researchers who concluded the surprising thing assessed the 8050 participants when they were 5, 10, and 16 years old, and then they applied sleep surveys when the same people became 42 years old. It turned out that some of the former kids had behavior problems, and they were 39% more likely to have insomnia by the time they were adults than children who had normal behavior. And the present adults have insomnia.

Childhood Behavior Issues Might Trigger Insomnia Later In Life

Yohannes Adama Melaku is the lead author of the study and a researcher at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health at Flinders University in Australia. He tells us that even sleep problems at a very young age can contribute to same results when you become an adult: “Childhood sleep problems could partly explain the link between childhood behavior and adulthood insomnia.”

“Treating behavioral and sleep problems during childhood could reduce the risk of adulthood insomnia,” Melaku said. “Establishing healthy sleep behaviors in children is important for the prevention of adulthood insomnia.”

Some of you may remember when your mothers said you should behave, or else you won’t succeed in life. And sleeping is a pretty important part of having a successful life, and you surely can’t be productive if you don’t sleep well. And the worst thing is that we still have a lot to wait until time machines are invented, so we can reverse time and try to be nice kids with our family, friends or foes.

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