China Has Plans to Conquer Mars in 2020

Big plans for 2020 comes from China and its essential mission to Mars. China launched one of the world’s most powerful rockets for the Mars mission from next year. The launch happened on the Wenchang site from the southern part of the island of Hainan. Everything was on live stream and broadcasted on CCTV at 8:45 P.M. The rocket called Long March 5 is carrying twenty test satellite called Shijan.

Everybody is saying that this rocket launch is one of the critical technologies for the future of space and the future of the missions. The beginning of the launch last for 2.000 seconds, and after that, the rocket was on the right orbit to Mars. Besides the ambition plan that China has with Mars, the country also wants to have a Space station until 2022.

China Plans to Conquer Mars in 2020

The deputy head of China’s National Space Administration called Wu Yanha, is saying that the Long March 5 is having essential tasks in the missions. The mission that the Long March 5 will have is to launch the first Mars probe of the country and the Chang’e 5 lunar probes and core. The grand launching had over one million viewers on the Livestream, and also people that gathered around the site.

However, this is not China’s first attempt at launching. In 2017 they had a try but failed, so this success is well-received now. Now, the Long March 5 can carry around twenty-five tonnes, and it can be compared with the Delta IV Heavy from the U.S or even the Proton-M from Russia. To sum up, China is willing to accomplish a lot of goals, starting with the fact that it is the first country that landed a probe on the other side of the Moon, until its own Space Station.

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